Heartwood Fine Furniture offers superior hand crafted furnishings, objects and design solutions. We set our sights on honouring the natural beauty of wood through traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful selection of materials.  We have extensive knowledge and experience working with different timber and materials in both large and small scale commercial, residential and commissioned projects. Engaging select timber with traditional joining methods and finishes ensures each piece has a generation defying backbone.

Owner and craftsman, Mark Welch has a passion for producing compositions characterised by quality and integrity. His sharp eye for detail reflects the skill of his Dutch grandfather who was an architectural craftsman. 

Heartwood Fine Furniture is located in the Illawarra just south of Sydney where all phases of the production process are completed. We have been open since 2002 and were located in the Blue Mountains until we moved to the South Coast in 2009. Heartwood supports the use of sustainable and recycled materials and seeks the use of ethical products in their work.

heart·wood - (noun) the hard central wood of the trunk of an exogenous tree; duramen.